Hi guys im back, i hope you you all had or are having a wonderful day. im actually sitting in an accounting class bored outof my scull (which isnt a good thing mind you).

So you are all probably wondering what the title of my post today is. “the butterfly effect” you all know the life of a butterfly how it morphs from birth. A sensitive creature yet so beautiful and serene. Im telling you all this because i compare the life of a butterfly to that of a women…

The butterfly effect is acually a womens organisation im trying to organise. To start things off im planning a womens seminar for my young, somewhat lost independant North Amerian Namibian Women.

The Butterfly Effect starts of as a women empowerment seminar, in the summer. I havent decided on the date and venue just yet because im still gathering information and material.

im not looking to do a once of seminar where we discuss and share information, but The butterfly effect will be a foundation where we work to help those less fortunate than us or dont know what will discover after this seminar. I am currently in comunication with Womens Health in Womens Hands (toronto) they are helping me with topics to focus on and material. When the event actually does take place im communication with an Entertainment organisation Global Vibez and Honde valley tv(still in talks).

The seminar will include topics such as health and fitness programmes, HIV/AIDS awareness, family planning and birth control, nutition and lifestyle, immgration statuses in canada and newcomeer information,spiritual information and centres, entertainment and financing (budgeting). most importantly we will discussing fundraising opportunities for non-profit organisations and fun day programmes for orphaned children.

Lets raise our voices and use our hands to help and feed others. Every seed we sow we will eventually reep. so that one day we that have been involved n this can take pride in watching how these butterflies morph.