i recently stumbled across a great site dedicated to just womens  health empowernent and everyday issues we might be facing as women wherever you may be in the world. its called BraveHeartWomen and its very enlightening believe me. you get to hear and read discussions from fellow women and how they overcame some of their  trials and how their working on helping others in similar situations. Speakers from the likes of Maya Angelou, Cathy Halloway Hill all phenomenal women to mention a few.

This site really just touched and almost brought me to tears remembering the days when i was actively part of THE NAMIBIAN BW AIDS CLUB and also part of Junior Achievement Namibia. i remember all the hospitals, childrens homes we visited and exciting fundraising programms we organised back than. One of those moments in life you can never replace when you see an orphaned child smile at the site of a doll or sweets or just someone to play with even if its just for an hour, how it saddened me when we used to visit hospitals with HIV/AIDS infected women that sight of despair in their eyes was almost enough to kill even you the healthier person. One fundraising event ill always remember and always be proud of for being invovled in was the “cake sale” we (the aids club) organised for our school. the idea was that everyone bake their best cakes bring them to school show them off and sell them, it was a major success what was even more heart-warming was that we helped a young girl called penina with start up capital to get treatment for her cancer. Can you imagine being in the same shool with someone suffering from cancer and being part of their recovery?! amazing i tell you.

Sometimes i watch the news and see people suffer and are still content with the little they have and it makes me sad to have grown up with the mentality that little isnt always enough. We often complain so much about petty stuff when we should instead rejoice in life and the beauty of it, clean air that we get to breath, freedom we all enjoying, a meal every night not to mention a roof or bed to sleep. If we as human beings could be humbled enough to realise that such thintgs we disregard are actually luxuries…

Well my plight with The Butterfly Effect is to empower womens health and esteem, but that doesnt limit me to just that everybody can do anything to improve someone elses circumstance be it a women, a child, a man, the elderly or animals.

We need not to ask “what do i get out of it” PEACE OF MIND AND PRIDE are a few. Open your hearts and eyes to what is really out there, we live in a terrible time Yes but it doesnt have to be that way it really starts with YOU…

here are some examples of articles from BraveHeartWomen

“Are you ready to pursue your Passion for a Purpose?:| Braveheart Women, now is the time, slow down, take a seat in the drivers seat to be exact. The time has come to remove yourself from that back seat, watching yourself through the rearview mirror. Let no one else steer you away from your purpose, get your happy back, now is better than never. Let go of all your past regrets, inhibitions, and fears. I believe your passion has been lingering in the background for sometimw now. Have faith, also live life as if you only have today, dream as if you’ll live forever”

“Stop struggling and let life be easy
Yes I said yes I will Yes. —James Joyce
Life has a force and flow of its own. It’s silly to struggle against what you can’t change. Yet we do this almost constantly. We resist what is. We fight and doubt our feelings, our inner knowing, our Potential, Truth, and our opportunities. And we suffer. ” there’s more on this article, but for that you need to sign up for BraveHeartWomen there is no catch trust you its FREE.

read,enjoy and learn



5 thoughts on “BraveHeartWomen

  1. life is to short to complain on the little you have instead of rejoicing on the air we breath we wish we were rich dam being rich be happy on what almighty provided you with…we as brave women have to give explain to fellow ladies lifes not all about CCC.MIZZD YOUR A GREAT happy we have women out the with positive blogs

  2. JD its always inspiring to see a fellow young person sharing ideas that resonate with the common person especially a woman.Thank you for being part of a generation that believes in community partnerships for not only positive interaction that transcends race,class or ethnicity,but one that truly believes in social change. I think that I we embrace a framework that puts into consideration social determinants of health (like food security,income equality,employment,social safety net,secure housing,job security etc) then we can work towards reducing and eliminating the social/inequalities that affect women especially women of colour. Throughout such a process there’s need to recognize the valuable contribution of men from all spheres of life to contribute to a process equity and opportunity. Together “we are the change we have been waiting for”-B.Obama

  3. sikaburo thank you so much for your positive commentary, dont get me wrong i am a proud feminist but that doesnt mean i dont appreciate the good men out there if i had the power i would celebrate their existance in all ways posible. actually you just gave me an idea hey watch the space, my next blog post will be in dedication to you. stay blessed and take care

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