Womens favorite accessory

howdy yalls mizzD is back…  iv had a well very interesting  past few days,,,

from subway random chats, clubbing experiences and just from my own personal observation, iv come to realise that all men i meet are either straight out gay, in denial or married. i question myself if this is because my “secret man-wish list ” is too idealistic? i mean is it so hard to find a man who just enjoys spending time just pampering himself to mani’s, pedi’s, facials and has a moderate sense of style? most times when i find myself talking too someone that  from first glance looks well put together enough for me first thing i do is look down, WRONG SHOES #FFFFFAAAIIILLLL! LONG NAILS – UBER #FFFAAAIILLL! holy cow can u imagine being macked on by someone with those “Dilemas”

yeah i have been told that a man is like a dog(hides-sorry) that can be taught new tricks and im looking for a ghost, well quiet frankly i feel most men feel nagged having a lady always telling them “babe wear this, those shoes dont match blah blah” how about having one that takes care of himself already? what do you think. that being said ill just wait iv had him before ill snatch him again.

come to think of it i think thats why im more into younger boys, they usually tend to worry more about self appearance the way i want em too, easier to control (sometimes) until they grow up than ur screwed. until you meet that one id rather stick to having a gay bestie…

They are stylish, sarcastic and supportive ; the gay man who looks good, listens to us and is loyal. Upon examination, it’s not hard to figure out why women love gay men.

they are so fun to hang out with and great hook ups to straight fine men *wink* their fashion is on-point. the only downfall for me about them is their everyone’s friend.

its sort off sad though that most males dont indulge in the art of fashion created for them, big ups to the ladies who have “trained their dogs well” here are some pointers for that formal largely talked about, happy shopping dolls

MEN fashion do’s! suits suits suits and more suits

with suits you two have two options the classic or masculine look, right now i suggest men go with the classic type suit these have the formality of the Victorian era and, for some cuts, the skinny detailing for a modern silhouette.

 slim fit 

dominant yet casual, colors work well for summer and is very trendy at the moment ,any body type can pull this one off for bigger fuller torsos choose colors well.

Double breasted suits and sportscoats

works well for the masculine body types, displays a much sporty casual look.

Three-piece suits

the good thing about this suit is you can either wear it up or down. Up: as a three piece suit as it should be for more formal outings or Down: without the blazer and shirt sleeves folded up or replace the formal shirt and trouser with a more casual white or black tee and jeans.

When buying suits its crucial to be wary of fabrics, patterns and buttons.

Linen isnt a tricky bug once mastered i mean you cannot buy a linen suit in cold weather it losses purpose, also in summer dont opt for this fabric when its over 30 degrees Celsius outside otherwise it losses its cool and breezy effect its meant to feel light and crisp and lets in fresh air, trust with 30 degrees Celsius + you will nothing but breezy!

velvet doesnt require much work, the fabric in itself is attention grabbing already. to a velvet blazer correct trouser and shoes are a must you can go casual with it too by throwing on a pair of jeans.

patterns of suits i guess vary from individuals you choose any depending on seasons and trends

two buttoned suits convey height, slims the waist, and fits perfectly within the realm of fashion and classicism.

three buttoned suits some are tailored very differantly most designed now e.g Ralph Lauren are bold and not for the modern dressing man.

four buttoned suits dont exist in high fashion 21st century, if you are going to a 19th century wedding you are more likely to be accepted rocking them there.

The man bag is on the rise as one of mens biggest fashion accessory yet! gone are the days when men were lugging laptop cases with arms full of binders and books rushing to work or from now at least do it with cool factor…

well u dont exactly need too like your traveling every morning, a smaller one would do too.

That being said on mens formal wear, ill be back with mens casual wear for summer 2011 and SHOES DIY : yaaay’s and nay’s.

for now FIERCE, LOVE & FABULOUSNESS toodles.


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