heya folks, you must be wondering who that beautiful women in the picture is, well she goes by the name of Foxie Turner currently residing in Toronto.

This uber sweet lady has inspired me so much lately, i cant contain my excitement for upcoming events.

i logged onto my facebook account to find a group invite ” Breeks and Honey” with a description that reads :  “This group is dedicated celebrating beauty beyond size two, post pictures of fabulous curvy girls hopefully this will end the stigma that curvy is ugly and thin is sexy.Curvy chics are some of the most unrepresented women in this world,let us 

unite and change that concept,by embr

acing all curvy women.”

Share shopping links for curvy women, deals of the week, beauty tips bring on all the ideas that will equip women with.”yes being a “chunky chick” or “oversized lady” in a country where beauty is associated with straight long hair and a size zero is hard, but we need 2 realise where we come from and the blood that run through our veins. As african women its only natural too have wider hips and a bigger bum. We need to become comfortable with ourselves before communities start too accept us too. There are times where i too feel like i could maybe be a little thinner, but point is i wont be the same JanetDolce that i am in a smaller size my question always is what can they do that i cant? Can i still find stores that i find my size in? can i still run? well unless you cant than we have got a problem. this only really becomes harmful when it affects your health so being chunky doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be healthy.

This is a topic that has been discussed to the max, it has been celebrated and it has been bashed, but the thing is plus sized or skinny not everyone will be acceptant of either (plus size wont like skinny and skinny wont like fat). we need too find the confidence in ourselves to accept and be happy with the way we look, only you can decide what is beautiful for yourself, be it skinny, plus sized or plus sized and losing a little bit around the waist. what matters is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. No matter what size we are all very unique just make what you have work for you and no one else.

Toodles for now. Enjoy the celebration of you!!

Fierce.Love.Fabulousness Always *smooches*



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