Maeg it Yourself!

Howdy guys, so you all know by now that still very new at this but im sort of getting the hang of this now quiet fun actually i love it! I had differant motives having started “janetdolce” but oh boy am i glad i didnt go through what i had initially had in mind the process, outcome and aftermath would have been so vile, unimaginable sort of vile im glad i did not get involved.

Anywho im blabbering on about something ill get into later, about 3months ago i was searching online for a feather skirt i wanted to wear out somewhere since, i could not find it in stores easily i resorted to online shopping. let me tell you am i glad i did that because if not i would not have died a thousand deaths resurrect die again, and wake up a self- proclaimed Fashion DIYtress. Yes i said it fashion DIYtress.

unlike most my compadres  i dont spend a fortune on clothes that either wont fit in 5 months or just simply wont be the “in thing” anymore, shoot me now but it works for me.

so continuing my search for my feather skirt i stumbled across a blog that just stole my whole heart! i cant stress this enough MY WHOLE HEART. i related instanly it was crazy, days without eating nights without sleep just enjoying every aspect of this.soon enough i wont be buying any clothes but just shoes. talk about really creative people hey.

you guys need to follow this lady called Maegan find her at

there you will find everything Do It Yourself-ble from fashion to shoes to home decor, man i can go on and on about this. go ahead and see for yourself what im talking about, let me not spoil your fun. here are a few examples of her Fashion DIY’s (i hope i dont get executed for this but here goes)


this one is my personal favorite when i actually find the time to get it done by myself ill add post of my results.










so tell me if we dont need a 5day conference for this Tjoooo: *dies again*

next>>>>> my long search for the feather skirt/dress but judging from the size of my hips I can Never! but yall dolls have fun.







you sow it in that pattern







i quote:

* I cut off the knots on the ends of the boas …but I try to avoid cutting them anywhere else because the feathers will start to unravel.
* I did this first to a dress years ago and left the feathers a bit fluffier.
* Feather boas make a great base because they are already all stitched together and they are relatively inexpensive {if you buy them at your fabric store} These were $11.99 each and the thinner ones are about $7.99 …but choose wisely 😉 Also note the super large boas, will not work.
* You could buy a bag of feathers and hand-stitch each one on separately but it would not be as secure and would take about 3 days straight.
* If you find a dress you want to feather, floor-length would work well too …but you’ll need many more and will most likely just stitch straight on from top to bottom. Try on your dress and while the dress is on, pin your feathers in place …just around the top, where you want them to start. If you’re planning a higher waist, it would probably look better belted, so begin your feathers directly below where the belt would sit.
Ostrich feather boas would be the best …but they are not budget friendly.
* note: I did not leave the peacock feathers in mine. I liked it better without.



or you can do it on a dress like here.


soo enough said or written rather happy sowing, and do share your morphasis from ordinary shopper to fabulous DIYtress…





6 thoughts on “Maeg it Yourself!

  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

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