A fallen paradise, or was it ever?!

howdy cupcakes!

Growing up i always secretly blamed my mother for depriving me of my childhood, i wasn’t allowed to play outside, get to make new friends or just enjoy playing in the sand as a kid. I was like a little doll, always protected from the outside world by being kept inside the house, i used to think this was done because i am the last born of my siblings, but with what i have been seeing hearing and even somewhat part of, i wish days had gone back to when i was prevented from seeing the “real world”.

Ill never stop being grateful for being blessed enough to travel to Canada, live here on my own  safely, make decisions wisely and solely positive to me, making some  of my dreams come true and still having the ambition to continue working hard to fulfilling those that i haven’t yet. Canada is truely a safe haven, a home away from home, i guess because of its culture diversity we all somewhat still feel like we in a different africa, its a good thing to feel close to home SOMETIMES.

Sad thing is where i grew up; Namibia, i have never witnessed the selfishness and ruthlessness people can be. I cant seem to understand if the attitude my fellow Namibians have here in Toronto comes with comfortability the country offers or is it plain never – mindedness?

I had to live my country to witness how vile and careless we can be towards one another.We all left our homes to come fight in this “concrete jungle” to better ourselves look for greener pastures, but by the looks of things most of us have for gotten our plights!

Suddenly Namibia is talk of the town, people of other nationalities have nothing but complaints of disbelief in how we choose to live our lifestyles. In the african community here we are the minority but our existence here is like a joke. Isn’t it embarrassing as a women trying to mingle and make networks for ourselves and have to mention you are Namibian and have people not take you seriously because they (especially men) think: ” well you are intelligent, but how about i buy you a beer and go back to your place” why: because they think Namibian girls are all about beer and sex, and talk about a cheapskate because yes i will say it majority of those jerks are married that is why they will not take you to their “shacks”.

Also im sure we did not cross oceans to stay in our apartments drinking like the LCBO was closing the next day, thus causing all the fakery one can think up in this world, hypocracy on a level that redefines the word HYPOCRITE itself. The way things are going on in our community i think an orgy needs to be organised so we can all do what we need to do without being judged the way we already do. That would be a safer option because the way we share partners is crazy, not too mention how our men are in and out of jail because of domestic violence, and after the orgy how about we organize a boxing match for the women so they wring one another’s throats for messing with the others “man” whom is not yours to begin with *smh* & than the ” victim” goes around and hooks up with her best male friend why, for revenge? (only lord knows)

Last but not least, we have not been in this country for more than 4years yet. To see the stats on the HIV/AIDS we hold this early in our stay is beyond shocking. Than i think to myself but why do we do this one another? do we really want to go back home one day say ” im from canada” REAALLY NO SHIT! (excuse my french) Just when will this stop?

I love my people and where we are from and what we could represent and will always defend us to whom ever belittles us when i know they are wrong, but it gets a little hard to do when you are one against the world. We are all strong individuals, all very hardworking, and ambitious (it just needs to be found again) we need to redeem our image here and even if you now say ” what do you care what other people think” yeah i have a choice to care because one persons actions effects us all!

Say whatever needs to be said, that im slandering and exposing dirty laundry in public, but express your frustrations whichever way you see fit but i will keep singing this song until even just a little change occurs. Than again Namibians are known to be hard-headed so one person seeing a problem and requesting for atleast decency is like squeezing water out of a stone.

i still do got love for all of you though.


2 thoughts on “A fallen paradise, or was it ever?!

  1. Well said miss Dolce!
    Namibia surely needs more of your kind not just in writing and expressing themselves… we need good leaders who can even go as far as teaching us the basics of love and self respect, cause surely its a shame to see how we are really destroying ourselves here in Canada!

    You do a good job and a applaud you for that, keep it up!
    Bokky… xoxo

  2. thank you my love, like we brilliantly thought up the other day, i think we should introduce an Etiquette school here in toronto aswell.
    smooches, much love.

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