… Celebration of roots, TRADITION!!

I came across something very interesting yesterday while browsing away on Youtube trying to kill time, after my findings iv never missed my ancestral background as much i do now, i wish i could parade down the streets of Toronto in my traditional wear, and not get second stares more than i would interested people in what i have on. Well its somewhat a shame that we live in a time where being fashion conscience is very important( im not complaining, i fall under that category!)

There is a lady i would love to meet in person one day and im bummed out that i left i didnt have the opportunity to meet and share knowledge with this being.

Hella Nghifindaka, i honestly dont know much about her but what i could sort off tell from her video posts on youtube, like many now a days she is a modern day ” namibian socialite” i was very impressed when i especially saw this video, it almost reduced me too tears because recognising where you are from in life is more important than anything we might find important, i would give anything to see my granny and have her give blessings on my achievements. Enjoy…

that video explains my background to a Tee.

Today also i got a wonderful email from Women ‘s Health In Women’s Hands, and myself and Debbie Gabbana have been accepted as board members of the organization, now i can start to make all the changing iv longed to make around my community. Where i started as being the Model Coach and Mc for the the night alongside Keith Mc Bonde Kadete at The Miss Namibia Independence Celebration Toronto, was where i found my passion in Women’s Empowerment. It felt great being on stage and having people hanging on my every word.

Here are some pictures of that event and some people in my life that can represent their tradition effortlessly no matter which part of the world they are in some in the uk and france, makes me proud.

1. Myself and Mc Bonde Hosting Miss Namibia Independence Toronto

i you might have noticed i mordenised my “odelela” traditional dress, (moving with the times)

2. Celebrating Namibian culture, the Herero Tribe repping it. 

3. My Canadian mummy got some moves

4. Now showcasing everyone in their tradional wear.


5 thoughts on “… Celebration of roots, TRADITION!!

  1. I see talent here and a God given gift!!! I’ll support u my gal!!! Very proud of u!!! MwhaAaaaaa

  2. Jaaaaaaneeeetttt! OMW, ahhhhhhhhhh the pic with my mum. nooooooooooo! *TRYING VERY HARD ANGRY FACE*

  3. lol, that is a very beautiful picture, *your angry face is too cute to be taken seriously* so nooooo i wont take it down! *puppy eyes at you* Mrs Lady K

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