For the love of Africa

So after my post on The African Head Wrap, iv seen the minimal amount of change iv made with those around me that find it interesting and i am ooohh so proud of my dolls here are some pictures of how they were seen rocking rocking their Turbans….

2 thumbs up my ladies!

  1. Here is the nunush herself Miss Emily Sagaria rocking her Turban (african head wrap)

2. Second up we have Miss Eninka better known as ” Dutchess of Toronto” Saidi
3. im embarrassed doing this but i felt i need to too, the lady on the left hand side of the picture, when i saw her i got tingles down my spine because she worked that turban. I dont know her though.
perfectly put together, i loves!
All pictures are courtesy of the owners, the last lady i found the pics on facebook, but would seriously love too feature her style.
and that is me…

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