All hail Ryan Gosling

I just had to feature the tastyfull Ryan Gosling after having watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. This man gave me chills down the spine (eventhough the cinema was a tad bit cold) if you guys read my article on men and the right suits to wear you would agree that Ryan did justice to that slim fit suite! My gawd if he was a lollipop… (holds mouth). He wore the suit the suit did not wear him and thats the mistake most men make, i wish i could see that everday waking up! anyway enough with my rants here are some pictures of his steamy photoshoot for GQ magazine and some scene’s from his recent movie Crazy, Stupid, Love where he plays ” Jacob” a hot bachelor who gets whatever skirt he chases until the shallow womanizer falls in love with an ordinary law student. This is a nice romantic comedy, guaranteed laughter.

This man kills me #death


Here on the shoot of GQ magazine


related to the movie Blue Valentine

check out those muscles, not too much but just enough

in the Slim Fit



This one is a little funny but cute still

These photos are from Ryan’s photo editorial for GQ magazine called How to look like a movie star.

" oh my god, are ou photo shopped?"


with Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love


giving 'dressing' advice


what he was infamous for in the movie, picking up ladies in the bar


after having gave Steve Carell style advise


tell me you would not have that butter your bread for breakfast *winks*


smile that could melt any heart

Thats it from me dolls, later



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