…Baby we ain’t got nothing without L.O.V.E

i wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time, know that there was something that i left behind, when i leave this world ill leave no regrets, leave something to remember so they wont forget”

Phenomenal Beyonce has done did it again, and all so effortlessly she has graced the pages of L’Uomo  Vogue; Vogue Italia july issue in a photo shoot by  Francesco Carrozzini and styled by Rushka Bergman.

beauty in the absence of color


" i dont know much about algebra but i know 1+1=2"


"if i aint got nothing i have got you"


" Darling you have got enough for the both of us"

Photos are inspired by singer/actress Marlene Deitrich in the 1920’s, here’s a behind the scene video of the photo shoot.

” Hey! I don’t know much about guns but I…I’ve been shot by you
Hey! And I don’t know when I’m gon die, but I hope that I’m gon die by you
Hey! And I don’t know much about fighting, but I, I know I will fight for you
Hey! Just when I ball up my fist I realize that I’m laying right next to you”

*all images courtesy of vogue italia.


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