…You know my name, Not my story

Speak,Hear,See no evil

Im about just too annoyed with Toronto and their big mouths, i dont understand why people dont have enough going on in their own lives that they have to be consumed so much in the lives of others. I have made it my second job to steer clear of anything that is trouble be it people, places or things. When i respect your privacy and personnel life i expect the same in return.

Am i old fashioned or in the century we live in there isnt a possibility of opposite sex friendships?
When i leave my house to attend events its not too spy on who is doing what and then go around town telling people about what i have seen, i go out to have fun. Ofcourse ill have men talking to me or offering to buy me a drink, as for you onlookers does it mean im sleeping with that person? if i show up at the club with a guy does it mean im seeing him or his having me for the night because im out with him? Since when is it ok to assume someones relationship status? just because i choose to have my partner hidden from your nosey selves. I only have a few real gilfriends the rest are all acquaintances, + i have many more “guy friends” so dont get it twisted.

On a lighter note of things the stories you all come up with is somewhat entertaining, it makes me laugh what u can come up with, no biggy but please i want you TO GET OFF MY PENIS!!! please and thank you.



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