Lights, Camera, Action

So we all know the much anticipated event in afri-canadian entertainment has happened. I personally think it was a great initiative whereby entertainers got their recognition for hardwork put in over the years. Im not going to go into specifics of the “hows” and “about” of the making and the night of the awards itself, that ill do later i really was more interested in what the audience and nominees were wearing.

Here goes according to me:

Looked elegant in a black ensamble

Very creative! her work for me was stundee hands down

This man i always like to see in a suit, makes look effortless, partner looks radiant aswell

oga bonde in nigerian attire

Lady in yellow skirt, very very chic!

You guys clean up very well... looking very good

my fav, just too naturally beautiful this lady belongs on international runways and magazine covers

Tanzanian bombshell dazzling

Did not fall short, dress compliments you. Radiant...

Congratulations to all those that won, i believe you all deserved it the award. Peace


*photos courtesy of suya spot and Arambada Durodola photography.


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