If you seek it, Be it…

Hello My loves…

I’m sure we all have these personal little “black books” in which we describe and en vision our ” perfect world” or how our lives should be according to you. Personally I have one too, and there is totally nothing wrong in planning out your own life’s direction. I just want to know how many of us have actually gotten atleast half of what is on our “list”. What extends are we going to or even jeopardising our existence in order to get there. The route we took\take does it give us a sense of Pride or Achievement when we’ve gotten what we have seeked?

I understand as Women we have our standards and expectations of people around us and things we tolerate, but how will we ever get too really have what we seek without BEING that which you seek?!

1. You crave for productivity in your life- Involve yourself in things that give you joy, do things not for what you get out of it but for the meaning it carries, for the person it helps and for what you are passionate in.

2. You want a healthier or slimmer body- well get off your rear end, stop complaining and do something about. Eat right, exercise enough. Results come with perseverance. So start to be that healthier slimmer women.

3. You want positive friends- everything we do is an action which can cause a reaction. Surround yourself with people that have the same interests as you, unfortunately those people aren’t always going to be the most popular, the most prettiest nor the most wealthiest but guess what at least with them you can be you, REAL.

4. You want that good fulfilling relationship- one mistake we make is WE SETTLE! If you know what you want why allow yourself to fall short of that? You want a romantic» be that romantic ( treat yourself if anything) you want a understanding, supportive, caring man in your life» be exactly that, and I don’t mean only in opposite sex relationships but with friends or family. Everyone has a person made specially to compliment them and that person will come, remember they are special so they take a little longer to appear. “The turtle won the race”, so be patient.

5. You want that high paying career- well no shortcuts there but the harder you work for something the more you appreciate it. Be that ambitious career seeking focused women and go the extra mile to get where you need to be.

6. Prioritise- in all aspects of being successful you need know what to either give up or put at the bottom of your life’s hierarchy.

Remember dolls ” Rome was not build in a day” nor was it easy, so don’t give up. Its so easy to just throw in the towel but its far more liberating when you push through those obstacles and achieve your goals!


Love: JanetDolce


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