Styling & profiling: Brenda K

*waves* Hello howzit dolls

Well just yesterday i was telling my colleague how im a self-proclaimed “CREEP” & how everytime i do it i always find what im sub-conscientiously looking for. I must admit i do tend to be a little difficult and i hardly take liking into just anything or just anyone, it or you must always have that little pinch of salt to you, and i must admit i found it in this gorg lady.

Brenda K she goes by, iv seen her around a few times and actually spoke to her *briefly* last friday (that prompted my creep tendency). One thing i have noticed is she’s definitely different, loud actually and i dont mean verbally but she dont need to speak for you to feel her presence. She’s one of those people who ” just does her” no matter what people might say she sets her own rules… The fact that she speaks her mind and tells things like they are is what sets her apart from other hypocritical girls i know. Im all about womens-empowerment, similar to my last feature, she’s one of those who embrace their African Femininity body,intelligence,tradition etc the works… I DO APPLAUD YOU FOR THAT!

Here’s some of her work i enjoyed:

by Brenda K on Monday, November 24, 2008 at 5:48am
Strong, ambitious, creatiive — a determined human being.
Not a slut, broad, whore, or bitch,
but like every woman, I am priceless, you know what I mean?

As a sistah, I have stood by my bruthas and loved them,
Although countless times they’ve done me wrong.
As a woman, I have been through the rough times,
And I’ve still remained strong.

I look up to my mother and grandmother,
Who have suffered and succeeded even before I was born.
And I pray for my daughters and my granddaughters
To stand tall in face of adversity and have the strength to carry on.

Before you put me down
I hope you stop to think and reflect,
About another man putting down your mother,
A point we all seem to neglect.

I am more vital than a filthy animal.
Worthier than a mere housemaid.
More precious than the most precious of stones,
I am one in a million, in each and every way.

One out of a million, a billion in fact
Of women that out-number men.
And although it is said to be a man’s world,
We will be here till the very end.

I am a woman, a black woman,
Proud of how my history continues on and goes back.
I will raise my daughter to be proud of who she is too,
And teach my son to love a woman and keep him on the right track.

“Educate a woman, educate a nation”

And for the beauty behind the brains:

“Born to be… (Brenda K)
by Brenda K on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 5:23pm
Born to be.
I was born to be,
The child my parents knew could suceed, and will succeed,
I was born to be.
In a time where opportunity has given hope to women like me,
To be able to achieve anything we want, and anything we believe.
The path God has set aside for me, with the gifts and talents he bestowed up me,
Every morning I realize more and more that I was born to be.
More than my grandmother ever thought life could possibly be,
Because in her time, women were unable to express themselves like I can express me!

I look into my grandmother’s eyes, and I see her sense of pride,
Of her children, and her grandchildren, who’ve gone on to progress in life.
But yet in her heart there is also a sense of dismay,
Because although we are progressing, we are also losing our way.
We are losing our cultures and traditions, and it’s only a matter of time,
Before my children, and their children no longer practice what I still call mine.

Wait! Just listen! I just want you to listen to what I speak,
Because my words are not just my own,
They are not only a part of me,
They symbolize what we all, blessed to be in this country, must believe.

I was born to be – if not a star- I was born to be the one to tell you
That you should be proud of who you are!
Make no mistake that change is a capability available to every hand,
Like the women who fought for rights in a world made for a man.
(Or Barack Obama showing us all that “yes we can”)
So when we speak of the motherland, let us not forget,
All the words of wisdom that our ancestors have left.
You may be African or West Indian, your skin is still black!
And our history has shown we can trace our roots back,
To our motherland;
The centre of the globe.
Where history first began and continues to unfold.

My eyes have always been open but yet I only see clearly now.
And no one can tell me I can’t,
Because I know I can.
Born to be, and here I stand.
I was born to be…African

-Brenda K”



P.S *all images belong to Brenda K


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