Is it really out there?

Have you ever woken up one morning and realized that it was really over? something that you found yourself thinking about on numerous occasions for no reason at all even when you are to be putting it behind you. They say be an individual in a partnership but you couldnt help but hang on to every word, embrace, smile, etc for the dear life of you. Emotionally and physically depended but you just could not help because at the end of the day you trusted to let go and indulge in a commitment. 

It seemed you both worked hard to make it last, envisioned a wedding children a home with a white picked fence.. Just so one day you wake and find that you are all alone, no explains, atleast some hope NOTHING. carry on like nothing happened with smile and painfully have to say ” im fine” when all you really want to do is scream.

life was planned according to our schedules, so what happens now? how do i move on? where do i start? why is it harder for me than it is for you? did this really mean nothing? was i living a lie? are you willing to give back those pieces of my life i let go, neglected or threw away so i can try to put me back together? how will i ever believe in something so pure when it is inevitable that it will cause pain in the end? 

Sex has become so easy to get and Love is even harder to find!


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