Namibians in Canada Business Forum

I had the priviledge to be invited and to actually become a member of this i believe promising venture founded by Abia Buti-Blacko Uhongora a fellow namibian with hopes of creating business contacts and investment possibilities for the country.

I am very big on Public Service and fully support ideas that create an opportunity for people to grow as a community, I have not yet attented an official member meeting but im very excited for the upcoming NAMIBIAN SOCCER LEGEND STARS BASH.

The event will be hosted by NCBF(namibian in canada business forum) and will be taking place October 19 2012, this dinner will be held at 3585 Keele St, Toronto ON M3J3H5 or better known as Ngozi – Soki Kitchen. The event will consist of motivational speeches by the well known soccer legends Congo Hindjou and Lolo Goraseb aswell good music by Toronto’s very own Jenny Kapucky The Golden Voice.  Global Vibez Photography will also be present to snap every moment of this occasion.

Follow NCBF on facebook to keep tabs on this event:!/NamibianInCanadaBusinessForum

see you all there.!





6 thoughts on “Namibians in Canada Business Forum

  1. just to let you know that the first shipment of Windhoek lager lands in Toronto today the 24th October and will be listed in c100 of the LCBO outlets for christmas

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