This friday i attented my first NCBF meeting, it was very informative as the Namibian Soccer Legends had much useful and motivational words to give. Unfortunately i could not stay long enough for all the speeches, but overall experience was okay. We still have a long way to go, but i guess we all have to start somewhere. Only thing that i found a little bit off was the organization of this whole event, these are people that travel different countries it would have been nice to give them a better organized reception. The fact that everyone was running around not knowing what to do and how to act was not professional in my opinion. We need to approach certain matters seriously in order to be taken seriously as well.

I heard last minute that members were supposed to be dressed in black and red, i am sorry but i do not do ” themes” and for everybody who did follow the color theme, big ups to you as you all looked amazing.

good work Aubrey you kept everyone on their feet with the music.


I constanly had to interrupt Candyman Photography to get my own set of pictures. hihi



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