Many of you might think what i am thinking by posting a picture of a long distance phonecard. I did not realize the importance of spending $5 on on a card to call long distance until this past weekend.

Not to say that i don’t think it is important to check up on family and friends in different parts of  the world, but only this weekend i came to know that is more important to actually do than just to think it and procrastinate. It really is human nature to sometimes get so caught in doing your thing or working on a project or always working too spare some time to check up on important people in your life, until something horrific actually happens and you are forced to call and find out in regards to whatever the ” horrifying news” was.

I for one have been very guilty of this, so much so that at times i would neglect the people closest in area code to me. Its not enough being abroad to occasionally send a text message letting people know your okay or just to say hello. I learned this the hard way this weekend.

I was on Skype on Sunday when i started chatting away with my very close friend i have known for about fourteen years, in fact she is more than just a friend she became a sister to me over the years. I swear i felt like a bus ran over me when she announced that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. i felt like it was not enough for me to say ” im sorry girl ill keep you in my prayers” i was ashamed and therefore i cried thinking to myself how could i not have known? how can i be too busy and not make a little room in my life for those people i consider important to me. it really got me thinking that it could have been worse ( thank god she is okay now), but what if it was something else like a death (god forbid) i would never have gotten the chance to speak to her or see her face. i realized that life is too short for some of the things we consider to be “important” they were not lying when they said : “never go to bed angry or always tell those people in your life how much you love them because you will never know when you will last see or talk to them” i just cannot stomach anything happening to anyone i love or not at least being able to verbally express my sympathy.

she told me she did understand and that i should beat myself over it and if i was closer to her i would have been there for her. i know she meant well, but i could help but feel even guiltier.

so from now on i drew up a time table for myself and every Tuesday of each week i will make time no matter what to make contact with people i love and cherish.

so should you, there is more to life than ” busy schedules” there is always time just make it.





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