Skin Care Junky

So i have tried everything to help with my skin.

I have an oily skin type and let me tell you how frustrating it is, because not only are you fighting for dry clear radiant skin in summer but in winter you are struggling with keeping it moist enough with the harsh temperatures winter brings. I started off with Clean and Clear than switched to Neutrogena than Proactive Skin Solutions. While on the first two products i would occasionally break-out in pimples thinking to myself i don’t exfoliate enough or maybe the make- up i was using was too heavy, i soon gave up and started using Proactive. I must say for the most part it really did help my skin, really cleared up all the slight acne and black spots too. Only problem is it was too harsh of a solution it dried out my skin severely that even when i did moisturize it still felt like i had cracks on my face ( think dried field plains) also i was using a cleansing pad to open up my pores. It opened them up alright, leaving my face burning.  I only really stopped when i changed my make up foundation from Mac to Clinique, because of that i had decided to just try out their skin care products as well and let me tell i am in heaven right now.

First and foremost what every women needs to do is consult with a dermatologist/cosmetic consultant when deciding to buy new skin care products, just so you can know what type of products work best for you and your skin. You also don’t want to keep spending money on unnecessary products that just keep piling up in your bathroom cabinet.

So now i am clinique happy!!

these are the products i use…

1. Rinse-off eye make up  (here)

2.Dramatically Different Gel (here)

(there’s a difference in moisturizer for oily skin like mine buy the GEL not the LOTION its lighter)

3. 7 Day Scrub Cream – Mild (here)

4. Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula (here)

or you can opt for liquid facial soap, i like the soap because i think it lasts longer.

5. Liquid facial Soap Oily Skin Formula (here)

1. Super balanced make up in Wheat (here)

2.Almost Powder Makeup in Deep Honey or Stay Spice (here)

3.All About Eyes Concealer in Deep Honey (here)

4.High Impact Mascara (here)

So this is my thing, i don’t have full long lashes and i don’t always like to put on fake lashes because its just a hassle, so i use three different mascaras which all have different “lash effects” to create the “lash look” i want to achieve. The reason is because i don’t always find one that really does “it” for me. So to put myself out of misery i am going to attempt this one 5. High Lengths Mascara (here)

Alrighty Sugars Happy Shopping


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