Honey Dip (ombre inspired)

Usually i am very scared to experiment with hair color because not only does the color need to match your skin complexion, but most times the color of your clothes you wear could either make or break the look. So i just always kept my hair as simple as possible with either just plain black or a very dark shade of brown which can only be seen when standing outside in the sun.

I was brave enough to try out something more bold than my usual  “black mane” so i decided to color my hair at the tips with Luminous Blonde hair color from Dark and Lovely, my objective with the luminous blonde was to achieve an auburn color. I have tried to color my hair before, but with Copper hair color and obviously it didn’t work so i had to take that chance and go to the extremes.

For the most part i think i got what i was looking for with the color but some parts of the hair turned extremely so im partially “platinum blonde” and completely auburn at the tips.

Apparently what i did is ” Honey dip” sort of highlighting the tips of the hair as opposed to the extreme Ombre.

The hair i have on is Brazilian Body Wave, i have five packs( 3 packs of 18″, 1 pack of 22″ and 1 pack of 24″) on my head all different lengths to create a layered look when the hair is blown out. They are layer cut again just to have the precise structure.

I have had this hair for about eight months now and i must say this is phenomenal hair, minimal shedding, does not tangle and affordable.

if you want some this hair:http://www.facebook.com/EvangieHair?fref=ts


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