Happy Halloween

I am not very big on Halloween but my colleagues made such a big deal of the day i had no choice but to get involved in the festivities.

I was mostly looking forward to the lunch we had in the office, we all were supposed to bring a dish to work that everyone would enjoy, i was very skeptical as to what i could possibly feed my colleagues who are all from different backgrounds. So i ran over to my favorite bakery on distillery district just south of King st and Parliament. I picked up sausage rolls as i know they have the best in town. Made it too work on time and over enjoyed the feast so much when we were done eating all i could was sleep by my desk when i should have been working. lucky i wasn’t caught, my boss is the ultimate best anyway he let me go home early too.

i did not realize though that there was so many different ways to prepare chicken my biggest surprise was “Bombay Chicken” very spicy along with the chilly chicken, nigerian  Jolof rice and curry shrimp i had too.

There was no way i was leaving there without my fav macaroons “can someone scream CALORIES”

almost did not recognize the office

More brains and eyes to munch on…






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