Another Day 2…

Its Monday and most of you will probably be thinking why i don’t have a weekend recap post, well i didn’t have much of a weekend this time around. I must say i dedicated the weekend to myself, my body and peace of mind. I had work on Saturday morning and despite how crappy i was feeling, caught a slight flu and had cramps that could put a woman in labour to shame (joys of being a woman), i still made it in. I got home tried to watch a movie and fell asleep. I have not fully slept the way i did Saturday evening in too long and i am quiet chuffed at myself because i hardly rest weekends and start my week feeling really tired.

Oh goodness i am glad that Monday feeling is gone by, meaning we are four days closer to the weekend *smiles*

Im very surprised at how the weather is somewhat warmer for fall but i am not complaining really, today i really dressed for the sun, my chino`s came out and i didn’t feel an inch of cold at all.

I really need to invest in looking for a good photographer because my attempts at doing this myself is getting rather tiring.

Cropped Chinos: Gap

Blue Peplum Blouse : Zara

White Blazer: Forever 21


Love Janet


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