I woke up this morning ready to face the world knowing that my family and friends are all safe even though they are so far from me. I decided to check my twitter and noticed that my timeline was filled with tweets has-tagged MOVENAMIBIA. I kept reading trying to make sense of what this was all about, so i decided to ask one of my cousins what this topic was in referral too. She told me this was young ordinary Namibians making their voices heard on all the recent brutal events of passion killings and baby dumping in the country.

I think its a very thoughtful initiative to march on behalf of the voiceless, and to show sympathy with the effected families.

Browsing all the local newspapers it is quiet astonishing how much of “trend” passion killing and baby dumping has become. You cannot help but fear what is to come, you cannot help but question the sort of people your family members could be involved with, the place you grew up feeling safe and protected which has now turned into a place of ruthless behavior and brutality. The same place we all need to raise our children in one day we can no longer make it safe for them, a place where young mothers fear giving birth more than they fear certain illnesses.

I think its time government invested in helping young mothers with providing them with resources such as free pre-natal care classes, and sex education to help develop their mindset. Its not enough to say “we are building a future for our young leaders” which leaders are those when we have women fearful of indulging in something as beautiful as pregnancy and motherhood. Dumping a baby that is as good as murder! Our young men the pillars of our household acting like barbarians because they do not know how to deal with anger.

All this still boils down to the same fact Alcohol consumption, i think strict rules and regulations need to be put in place because a lot actions are vented through the unsober mind. Even in the Bible, it is stated that ‘wine is a mocker and beer a brawler, whoever is led astray by them is not wise’

“Although the country is already on fire, it is not too late to extinguish the flames. But we can only achieve this if we take into consideration that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge … but fools despise wisdom and discipline. A person who is not God-fearing is like a wild animal because he or she does not fear the consequences of his or her actions.

“It is for this reason that someone can kill two or three people at the same time without feeling guilty of anything. But still, we should vow to be slaves of hope that one day the situation will be brought under control.” says Retired bishop Kleopas Dumeni of ELCIN church on a recent interview with Informate Newspaper.

My question still remains, if these raged boyfriends and baby dumping mothers were actually imprisoned, what are they taught in our prisons? Do they sit and serve their time? or are they undergoing some sort of math or accounting course? My opinion would be to counsel until the sun turns green, these people based on whatever reason they are imprisoned for. Our country has too much talent and knowledge going to waste, all those graduates sitting at home without work opportunities. Anger management, what better place to teach on how to work on yourself than in a place where you have no freedom. Be it frustrating or not.

Some people find themselves in situations not really because they planned to be there but because sometimes there is just no other way out. So awareness is key. when you have the correct resources believe we will see change!

With that said happy hump day and lets #MOVENAMIBIA


Love Janet


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