Retro Ambitions

Its Thursday and i had forgot( well i didn’t forget i just thought i could wiggle my way out of it) that i had a din din date. It was a long day and considering im still sick the last thing i wanted to do was get ready to go out for food! Though i had a very persistent and persuasive date i got myself out of bed and got ready. I had little to almost no make up, just a light foundation mascara and lipstick in a subtle plum color.

I had to step outside for a quick second in to snap a few pics purposely for this outfit post for you guys, lucky it was not as cold today as the previous day so i was in luck.

I got a metallic gold faux leather pants from Asos recently, initially i was looking for a black faux leather trouser/legging than i remembered  “TRY TO STEER CLEAR OF BLACK JANET”  so my second option was oxblood leggings with a few faux leather panels but as i was deciding whether or not to order it i came across this faux leather metallic trouser in gold i swear i kept pondering to order it for atleast 3 days before i actually put in the order. i must say it is the boldest purchase i have ever made!

My biggest concern with this look too was which shoes to pair it with, i decided on my metallic silver Steve Madden platforms i wasn’t too sure about the ensemble but what the heck im pushing boundaries right now.

Peplum Top : BEBE

Faux Fur Trouser: Asos

Platform Pumps: Steve Madden

Trench Coat: BEBE

I am back and safely tucked in and enjoying my illness being tendered too, fortunately for me its no longer Thursday its now Friday. Have good weekend guys. Tchuss…



Love Janet



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