The year that was 2012

We have all anticipated 2013 and its finally here, i would just like to take a moment to share my gratitude with all the people that made my past year what it was.

A lot had happened that tested my strength, but you know us Taureans are we persevere, it was a year of a lot of trial and triumphs. i can now say proudly that i finally know myself and all i need from life and those around me. Realizing your individuality can sometimes be perceived as selfish but its a good kind off selfish. I was a little scared for 2013 because i have so many plans and expectations for myself failing frightens me and its not nearly an option.

So to all those that have supported me personally and publicly via this blog i sincerely thank you all. Janetdolce will surely strive be bigger and better this year.

To all those friends that have stuck by through all things good and bad,

To all new friends made,

To all friends made respected and now turned foe’s

you all made me the woman i am today. Strong and Steadfast.

Wish you all the best of luck in whatever endeavors you have planned for the year,

xoxo Janet



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