Get ready with JD…

so for the last couple of months i have been getting flattering compliments on my make- up. at first i really thought it was just talk but i realize some people actually think there is some sort of  ” chris angel” magic that happens in the getting ready process, but no. I am a minimalist so i dont overdo my face nor do i use a large amount of product. to me a face should not look obviously painted, it should still have that natural spark to it. i compiled my make up regimen for those of you who kept asking i hope this helps. enjoy.

1. i start off by applying my smashbox camera ready bb cream, which i basically use as primer before the actual foundation. then i use my pinky finger to apply my clinique all about eyes concealer under my eyes too remove black circles or even puffiness at times.

2. i than apply my clinique superbalanced foundation, than i move to my brows. i use a matte brown from my eye shadow compact to give them a darker shade of brown.

get ready 3

3. than i start filling them in with a brown brow pencil and than i create the shape i desire also.

4. when thats done i use my concealer again to create the correct shape and also to hide away any newly growing hair.

5. when brows are done i start to work on my eye lids. i first start of with yellow eye shadow on my inner lid, than i use a darker gold/ brown on the middle lid, than the black eye shadow on the outer lid.  i use the brown/gold eye shadow again on the top crease and also use  a white shadow to highlight the brow.

6. almost done, when i have done with my eye lids, applied eyeliner and also applied my eyelashes, i finish up with my clinique stay matte sheer pressed powder, than i use my estee Lauder bronzer and to finally be done i use mac sweet as coco blush on my cheeks. (make a fish face and apply the blush  in downwards strokes from your ear to the apple of your cheek)

7. i use mac chestnut lip liner to create shape for my lips than pair it with mac snob lipstick.

8. Viola there you have it.


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