Chess Time

Who loves to play chess?

i know i do, i love the rush and the challenge. Its a calculative game and everytime i am stuck in a situation i always think to myself what would Viswanathan Anand do ( reigning world chess champion from India).

Dont get me wrong as woman who has taste for finer things in life ( dont we all) i love the Louis Vuitton handbag collections throughout the years, but i was never really a big fan of their clothes until tonight. When once again i was struggling to fall asleep after an episode of scandal. I was checking out Vogue online magazine just browsing through all the fashion show pictures, until i came across LV’s 2013 Spring runway pictures and boy was i impressed. LV’s CHECKBOARD print really spoke volumes to me. Mainly because of the love i have for the sport.

i had first noticed Jessica Alba ,Kerry Washington and Miranda Kerr in the print, but that did not move me because of the traditional black and white color, but LV brought it this time with the bright color. From yellows to browns and everything in between.







My favorite would definiteley have to be the Yellow and Green. This trend is pushing boundaries here.

Taa Taa


* all photos used for this post are not those of Janetdolce

Credits: Vogue Online and Yannis Vlamos/


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