Month of St. Valentine

Its January 31st , thank god we are done with that month and on to one that is loved by many, and also the best for business.

When i parted with my then beau of six years, i found it very disheartening that i was in relationships with people that did not understand the importance of specialty. Most times i felt like i was always giving and never with a return i longed for waking up to a bouquet of flowers delivered to your house, or you find a post it note in one of your jackets or trouser pockets, or he surprises you with a unscheduled visit sends you a text on how beautiful you look from a distance ( yes i was doing the distance thing) simple things like those that just made you feel like a queen. Of course a mutual feeling like this can only happen when both of you are interested in building a future otherwise you are wasting time.

When i snapped out of the past i realized i need to live what i believe in every single relationship, be it platonic or romantic. i stopped always relying on “him” to be spontaneous because most people just are not, it was unfair to place that comparison with my past on my present. So i just started making myself feel special with him, what i mean is i do things that i love and got him accustomed to my ways, it was tough at first but he got the swing of things to a certain extent. When i incorporated him in my quest to escape we both were happy for a certain time in the day.

So valentines day is coming up, what are you lovely lady going to do to feel special yourself and than with him?

i remember last year i ditched the 14th day of february, See as women sometimes we dont even realize there is pressure on Vday, its the gift, what to do where to go and BUDGET. I created my perfect valentines day on a random weekend that i paid for and planned. When the actual day came by i did not really feel any sort of pain that we were too busy for the each other, or that he did not do anything special. i was happy with the morning text and the perfume gift set. same thing with his birthday, try to surprise him before the day some men would actually want to be with their guys at some place than be couped up all day with a woman going out her way to pamper him.

These are a few essentials for whatever plans you may have for that day. Dont lose hope in romance no matter what kind of relationship you have, JUST CREATE YOUR  OWN DEFINITION OF ROMANCE.

dress vday.jpg2

1. A well fitted dress for that escape you plan is always at the top of the list! It is always important not to lose yourself in your union, ladies we get to comfortable ( its not a bad thing) but always remind your partner what he fell for more often than not.



2. Always have proper under garments, i cannot stress this enough. You dont have to go all out only on special occasions. Good lingerie is an instant confidence booster. Imagine a scenario whereby you would have to undress in front of a stranger/s, what would you want them to see a organised situation down there or mix matched, discolored, stretched out pieces. I think not.


3. Lets always try to leave our scent wherever we are or whatever we touch. Personally i have a problem with regular body lotions because my skin is extremely dry i prefer body butter it leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished. it really is inexpensive, if you are not going to smell expensive atleast smell edible (thats my motto) These are the products i love and use from bath & body works:  WARM VANILLA SUGAR– body butter and body mist,  DARK KISS– body butter and body mist, SECRET WONDERLAND– body butter and body mist. The best thing about BB is that they always have some promotion where you receive a few miniatures too, i always give mine to the beau to keep in his car. The best body lotion at BB to leave a lasting scent on clothes, sheets or whatever is BALI MANGO its not available in a butter unfortunately so i only use it paired with the body mist to bed after my evening shower because by morning ill be ashy anyway.

Those days when you really want a mature expensive scent, JADORE- dior, COCO CHANEL-noir, LA PARISENNE-ysl and  BLACK XS- paco rabanne are whats in my closet right now. My most used would be Jadore.


Alrighty guys i wish you all a happy new month and a blissful valentines day.




2 thoughts on “Month of St. Valentine

  1. can always count on you to set the mood..totally doing all this for myself..”defining my own meaning of romance” like that….

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