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Weekend Recap

My weekend was literally non- existent, the only day i really got to sleep in was Sunday but not exactly because i went to church, came back took a shower and headed downtown to shop a few boutiques on Queen St. Unsuccessful with my mission i ended up on King St and realized i was hungry, what was meant to be a innocent quick stop for food turned into a dinner with a friend and loads of conversation.

I am not really surprised it was some what of an excuse to just indulge in the scenery and ambiance in the place which i loved, i guess because it was Sunday it was relaxed and a better day to actually sit and hear yourself think, considering it is a restaurant/bar on a busy downtown street.

Asian cuisine which was alright, served the purpose and filled my tummy.















Weekend Recap

I have been searching for the perfect living room storage cabinet, so i went down to Ikea and found something even better than what i intially had in mind. What i found was the perfect storage system for my 42″  TV and also additional space for ornaments, photos and books. Once i have it assembled and actually decorated i will post a picture.

Saturday morning was pretty cold and i hated waking up to go to work, but the sun was shinning beautifully by the time i knocked off i did not mind the chill.

Happy Halloween

I am not very big on Halloween but my colleagues made such a big deal of the day i had no choice but to get involved in the festivities.

I was mostly looking forward to the lunch we had in the office, we all were supposed to bring a dish to work that everyone would enjoy, i was very skeptical as to what i could possibly feed my colleagues who are all from different backgrounds. So i ran over to my favorite bakery on distillery district just south of King st and Parliament. I picked up sausage rolls as i know they have the best in town. Made it too work on time and over enjoyed the feast so much when we were done eating all i could was sleep by my desk when i should have been working. lucky i wasn’t caught, my boss is the ultimate best anyway he let me go home early too.

i did not realize though that there was so many different ways to prepare chicken my biggest surprise was “Bombay Chicken” very spicy along with the chilly chicken, nigerian  Jolof rice and curry shrimp i had too.

There was no way i was leaving there without my fav macaroons “can someone scream CALORIES”

almost did not recognize the office

More brains and eyes to munch on…





Honey Dip (ombre inspired)

Usually i am very scared to experiment with hair color because not only does the color need to match your skin complexion, but most times the color of your clothes you wear could either make or break the look. So i just always kept my hair as simple as possible with either just plain black or a very dark shade of brown which can only be seen when standing outside in the sun.

I was brave enough to try out something more bold than my usual  “black mane” so i decided to color my hair at the tips with Luminous Blonde hair color from Dark and Lovely, my objective with the luminous blonde was to achieve an auburn color. I have tried to color my hair before, but with Copper hair color and obviously it didn’t work so i had to take that chance and go to the extremes.

For the most part i think i got what i was looking for with the color but some parts of the hair turned extremely so im partially “platinum blonde” and completely auburn at the tips.

Apparently what i did is ” Honey dip” sort of highlighting the tips of the hair as opposed to the extreme Ombre.

The hair i have on is Brazilian Body Wave, i have five packs( 3 packs of 18″, 1 pack of 22″ and 1 pack of 24″) on my head all different lengths to create a layered look when the hair is blown out. They are layer cut again just to have the precise structure.

I have had this hair for about eight months now and i must say this is phenomenal hair, minimal shedding, does not tangle and affordable.

if you want some this hair:http://www.facebook.com/EvangieHair?fref=ts

Stripes and Color

I still find it funny how Fashion has evolved so much that it is okay for us to wear stripes with polka dots, two strong bright colors and call it color blocking. Its normal walking around looking like a highlighter all in the name of style.

I went to a themed event on friday and oh boy was i standing out like a weed! I found out last minute that i was supposed to be dressed in black and red. I was never really a person that followed themes so i wasn’t to worried, in any case i like it when people give me all that attention i was not really looking for but hey it is what it is.

it started to drizzle a little, made my photo look like it was snowing.


Peplum Top: Zara

Stripped Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Costa Blanca



This friday i attented my first NCBF meeting, it was very informative as the Namibian Soccer Legends had much useful and motivational words to give. Unfortunately i could not stay long enough for all the speeches, but overall experience was okay. We still have a long way to go, but i guess we all have to start somewhere. Only thing that i found a little bit off was the organization of this whole event, these are people that travel different countries it would have been nice to give them a better organized reception. The fact that everyone was running around not knowing what to do and how to act was not professional in my opinion. We need to approach certain matters seriously in order to be taken seriously as well.

I heard last minute that members were supposed to be dressed in black and red, i am sorry but i do not do ” themes” and for everybody who did follow the color theme, big ups to you as you all looked amazing.

good work Aubrey you kept everyone on their feet with the music.


I constanly had to interrupt Candyman Photography to get my own set of pictures. hihi


Namibians in Canada Business Forum

I had the priviledge to be invited and to actually become a member of this i believe promising venture founded by Abia Buti-Blacko Uhongora a fellow namibian with hopes of creating business contacts and investment possibilities for the country.

I am very big on Public Service and fully support ideas that create an opportunity for people to grow as a community, I have not yet attented an official member meeting but im very excited for the upcoming NAMIBIAN SOCCER LEGEND STARS BASH.

The event will be hosted by NCBF(namibian in canada business forum) and will be taking place October 19 2012, this dinner will be held at 3585 Keele St, Toronto ON M3J3H5 or better known as Ngozi – Soki Kitchen. The event will consist of motivational speeches by the well known soccer legends Congo Hindjou and Lolo Goraseb aswell good music by Toronto’s very own Jenny Kapucky The Golden Voice.  Global Vibez Photography will also be present to snap every moment of this occasion.

Follow NCBF on facebook to keep tabs on this event:  http://www.facebook.com/events/374725165946943/#!/NamibianInCanadaBusinessForum

see you all there.!