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Wrapped Up

this past weekend i attended a friend’s baby christening and i was struggling to find something appropriate to wear. i remembered i ordered a black scallop wrap dress from Dorothy Perkins before Christmas last year and never got to wear it., so i thought that would be the perfect opportunity for it, i paired it with black pantyhose and a black metal capped point toed heels.

Plus i wore my natural hair down for once, still kind off disappointing that they refused to grow back.

the story about my shoes was that i was contemplating buying them because i feel they are too seasonal, if anything i hate spending money on something i know only has hype for a few months or so and than not again. so i was looking for a simple black point toed shoe in Zara and seemed they ran short in my size, so as i was still walking around the mall in search of shoes i saw it through a window in sirens, i went in and bought them first because it was so cheap ( CAD 20)  and i saw something else i wanted and second because i knew i would not need much use of them for too long. now i have beef with the store when i once spent about 150 dollars on a dress online to find it at 25 dollars in that store that is when i started to loathe everything about the store. certainly reminded me of a duplicating country where its citizens look like they squinting all day, a place i would rather not mention.




Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Sirens

Pantyhose: Wallmart

Trench Coat: Bebe

Taa Taa



Lady in Emerald

Just recently i  started to slowly but surely step out of my “black comfort zone” seriously i just have too many black clothes in my closet. Reason im usually so scared is because black is slimming and sometimes experimenting with bold colors can be quite tricky especially when you are trying to hide that flab that just wont go away.

i bought an emerald dress out of impulse, i saw the black one first and loved it but they did not have it in my size, so i had no choice but to take the last option, i wasn’t leaving the dress. its very flattering because it hugs the figure so well it perfects the hour glass illusion amazingly.

Medi Pencil Dress: Zara

Necklace/ Chocker: Aldo

Watch : Micheal Kors

Wallet (used as clucth) : Aldo

Shoes : Aldo

Stripes and Color

I still find it funny how Fashion has evolved so much that it is okay for us to wear stripes with polka dots, two strong bright colors and call it color blocking. Its normal walking around looking like a highlighter all in the name of style.

I went to a themed event on friday and oh boy was i standing out like a weed! I found out last minute that i was supposed to be dressed in black and red. I was never really a person that followed themes so i wasn’t to worried, in any case i like it when people give me all that attention i was not really looking for but hey it is what it is.

it started to drizzle a little, made my photo look like it was snowing.


Peplum Top: Zara

Stripped Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Costa Blanca